claudio miranda asc cinematographer


Only the Brave | Joseph Kosinski

Tomorrowland  |  Brad Bird

Oblivion  |  Joseph Kosinski

Life of Pi  |  Ang Lee — Oscar Win, BAFTA Win

Tron  |  Joseph Kosinski

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  |  David Fincher — Oscar Nomination

Zodiac (additional photography)  |  David Fincher

A Thousand Roads  |  Chris Eyre

Failure to Launch  |  Tom Dey

The Angel of Chrilside Road  |  Jonathan Darby (Short)

Margaret (additional photography)  |  Kenneth Lonergan


Commercial Directors & Projects (partial list)

Joseph Kosinski  |  Apple, Destiny, Chevy, Hummer, Lincoln

Tarsem | Lincoln

Daniel Askil  |  Apple, Cadillac, XBox

Roman Coppola | Cover Girl

Erich Joiner  |  Surface, Microsoft, Goodyear, Bridgestone

Angus Wall  |  Apple, Nike

Garth Davis  | Sony, Apple

Guy Ritchie  |  Call of Duty

Paul Hunter  |  Apple

Sam Mendes  |  Revlon

David Fincher  |  Nike "Game Breakers", Nike "Filmstrips", Heineken "Beer Run", Xelibri "Love for Sale"

Carl Rinsch  |  Lexus, LG, Heineken "Futuristic Delivery", Absolut

Rob Cohen  |  Sirus XM, Pontiac GTO, Coors Lite, Mercedes

James Gartner  |  Net Zero

Joel Peissig  |  Pocari, Ministry of Sound, Susuki, BMW

Antony Hoffman  |  Nike "Freedom", Motorola, Debeers, American Express, Mc Donalds "First Fires"

Christian Loubek  |  HBSC, OnStar


Music Video Directors (partial list)

Floria Sigismondi, Jaka Nava, The Brothers Strause, Sam Bear, Joel Peissig, Bryan Barber, Dave Meyers, Marcus Rayboy, Little X,

Paul Hunter, Hype Williams, Chris Robinson, Martin Weiss


Movies as Chief Lighting Technician

Fight Club, The Game, Crimson Tide, The Fan, Enemy of the State, The Crow



Venice, F65, Alexa, F35, F23, Red (all), Arri (all), Panavision, Pace 3D (F35 and Alexa), Imax, 16mm, 35mm & 65mm, DJI Inspire 2 X7S & DJI 600 X5R



Drone pilot and operator (Fully licensed pilot with 107 certification and night time waiver), 3D Underwater, Underwater, Cable Cam, Hydrascope, Technocrane, Helicopters (Wes Cam), Titan, Armed Cars (Russian Arm type), Motion Control, Macro, Time Lapse, High Speed Photosonics, Phantom (3D and 2D)